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Fascination, fear and myths – for some it is already a part of their daily life, for others it is frightening: the Artificial Intelligence. So will robots take over the marketer’s work in future? Or will robot journalists write the better texts in the end? Or will the often as disruptive named technologies such as big data, machine learning and cognitive computing make the marketing experts superfluous?

Probably not – in the near future we will not be captured by robots. However, the development of these technologies is progressing very quickly. Due to the lack of experts worldwide, the pace is not as fast as it could be.

AI is a fascinating topic and in public already at eye level with digitalization. For a long time Artificial Intelligence is a part of our private lifes, e.g. in the form of smartphones oder speech recognition programs such as Siri and Alexa. AI can also be found in households with smart coffe machines or smart home technologies, in which different networked devices communicate with each other. But the area is huge. It affects us not only privately, but also several fields of activity such as medicine, production, research and development as well as marketing.

Since we are directly concerned with AI as well as the effects and opportunities on modern marketing, we have started the Cognitive Marketing Institute (CMI) and some time ago we started to take a regular look across the German-speaking side to find interesting technologies, not to miss developments or just to seek inspiration. We deal with the marketing-related AI aspects, like smart data, market developments, (software) solutions as well as forecasts and studies. On our blog we would like to inform you about basics, trends and developments. But also with studies we would like to give you deeper insights into the world and the potential of AI in marketing.